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    Shanghai Maglev Train is the transportation between Pudong International Airport and Long Yang Road (Shanghai CBD). It is first developed for the transportation between Beijing and Shanghai. With the high speed test achieving the highest speed 431km/hr , the Shanghai maglev train is the faster operating maglev in the world.

    More information can be founded in the below website.


    ————————————————— LEGO Creation —————————————————

    This was the Shanghai Maglev MOC built in China Zone for the Taikoo Easter exhibition in 2011 Hong Kong.

    The train was finished within 2 days which the hardest part was not the structure of the train but the Long Yang Road Station. It was needed to be lighted and the support structure was weak with building with LEGO parts, that made me built the station for a more longer time.

    IMG_1893IMG_1915 IMG_1913 IMG_2770 IMG_2817 IMG_2819 IMG_2821

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