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    Star Ferry is the one of the transportation crossing the Victoria Harbour (Kowloon <-> Hong Kong Island). Easy to recognize, white and green in color, sometimes colorful with advertisements decoration.

    The company, Star Ferry Company, had established more than 100 years.

    More information about the Star Ferry, find below link.


    This is the cheapest ride across the harbour and it only takes 5 – 7 mins for the whole journey. I would really recommend to take this ride when you visit to Hong Kong

    ————————————————————-LEGO Creation—————————————————-

    The ship is a double decker which the price of the lower deck is cheaper than the upper deck.

    The most difficult part is how to build the ship base as this is my second time to build a ship. It is quite difficult to build the curve shape and what parts are needed to build the ship is my major question. After a long time, I know what I need…… You know?

    It was built in 2012 for the event, “Tsim Sha Tsui , Past, Present and The Future”. And it had existed in the “City Impression @ Tsim Sha Tsui” in City Gallery 2013 and Coxell Digital Limited as the photography display in 2014.



    IMG_6247See the tyre? It is used for the collision.
    IMG_6246 IMG_6245 IMG_6244 IMG_6261 IMG_6267



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