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    This was my honour to be interviewed by David Stannard, editor from the LEGO train magazine, Rail Bricks, in 2012 Summer.

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    Hong Kong is a city that is well renowned as a shopper’s
    paradise and home to some of the most exotic cuisine in
    the world. This vibrant city is also the home of the Legend
    Bricks group. This small but dedicated group has been
    taking part in public displays for a few years now, serving
    up creations that are as sumptuous to the eye as the local
    cuisine is to the mouth. Formed in early 2009, Legend
    Bricks put on its first public display the next year. Brick Adventure
    2010 attracted over 11,000 visitors over a 2-week
    period…very impressive for a new group! Since then the
    group has put on more shows, the most popular having
    over 220,000 visitors.

    Making layouts for display is far from easy, as space is
    rather limited due to the high population density of Hong
    Kong. The rent for any space, regardless of whether it’s
    for residential or storage, is very expensive. This has not
    deterred the group from building layouts and then sourcing
    venues to put them on display. While planning the layouts,
    a city plan is first drawn up and then subdivided into
    zones; each zone is then allocated to a group of members
    who will be tasked with building those areas. This coordinated
    approach has provided excellent results with constructing
    displays, especially when you take into account
    the limited space that members have at their disposal
    when building the layout.

    The group’s latest work is for the Tsim Sha Tsui Past, Present
    and Future exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery
    Centre. The display includes a stunning static layout
    which features the Tsim Sha Tsui Railway Station and
    the Ferry Pier as it would have been in the 1970s. Prince
    William, a member of the group, has built locomotives
    and rolling stock of the former Kowloon Canton Railway,
    some of which are used in the display alongside those
    made by Benny, another Hong Kong based AFOL who was
    invited to be part of the display. Besides building trains
    based on the ones in Hong Kong, members of the group
    have also built a wide variety of trains from railways in
    Japan and China, as well as collecting official Lego sets.

    The collection of Japanese trains built by members such
    as Andy Bear, Tf2 and Prince William is fairly extensive,
    and includes numerous models of the Shinkansen (Bullet
    Train) from the JR 200 Series up to the 700 Series. A good
    number of suburban EMUs and Freight locomotives have
    also been made, providing plenty of variety. Impressive is
    the dedication that the train builders in the group have to
    the hobby. For many of them the only time that they get
    to run their trains is on the exhibition layouts, as there is
    very little space at home to do so. For a club as young as
    Legend Bricks, they have proved themselves to be a highly
    capable and talented group. I am looking forward to seeing
    what they come up with in the future with their displays,
    and I dare say a large number of the population in
    Hong Kong will be too.

    Article by David Stannard

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