• Event in 2012 – Bricks Adventure 2012

    Event name : Bricks Adventure 2012

    Organizer : Legend Bricks

    Date : 16/12/2012 – 9/1/2013

    Venue : Chelsea Court, Tusen Wan

    Theme :  Mecha, City, Technic, Space….

    Details :

    We had moved our annual exhibition from City University of Hong Kong to the Chelsea Court in 2012 due to the lost of connection. The venue was  quite far away from the public area. Luckily with the great support of our fans, we still had more than 2,000 visits during the 19-day exhibition.

    This year we had movable Technic digger for public competition, we had a giant 30 inch * 30 inch * 30 inch Super Mario figure standing the entrance of the venue. Our model Tsim Sha Tsui model had been separated to a general city scene for the mecha war. Although some of the exhibitions had been taken to reshow, the public still considered all the stuff were new and awesome!

    With also the supports from the CEE Team, we had the first new release product, 10233 horizon express, to show to our fans.
    We still did a little breakthrough in this year.

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