• LEGO MOC – Family Mart

    th(photo from wikipedia Japan)

    FamilyMart is a Japanese convenience store franchise chain  in Japan. Similar to 7-Eleven or other convenience stores, basic grocery items, magazines, soft drinks, snacks are available.

    There are stores in Taiwan, also named Family Mart and in South Korea, named CU.


    ———————————————————–LEGO Creation———————————————————-

    This was my 2013 creation. After my travel to Osaka Japan in Sept 2013, I really loved to build some Japanese stores and train station together (pls refer another article, Japanese train bridge). The first store I built was this famous Japanese convenience store, FamilyMart.







    The top view of the FamilyMart. It was based on the size 32 x 26 studs to build.


    There were some cupboards storing cigarettes, candies, sweets or snacks near the cashier.


    A big fridge placed next to the cashier, storing some fruits and milks, juices together.



    Of coarse, the soft drink fridge.

    IMG_4886 IMG_4882

    Besides the canned soft drinks, there were also bottled soft drinks too.
    Boxes of fruit, even the whole chilled chicken could be found here!


    There were two groups of shelves displaying some grocery, snacks, etc.

    Some promotional items (on sales) were being put at the end of the shelves. 

    There were also some recycle bins putting outside the convenience store.


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