• LEGO MOC – Greentea Dessert Store

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    The Green tea dessert store was an idea from the dessert store in a department store. While I traveled to Japan, my friend Vincent had taken me to there to try the Matcha desert. He also told me the difference between Matcha and Green Tea. Do you know the differences?

    Matcha is a fine-ground, powdered, high quality of green tea. It is more concentrated green tea. If you mixed up the definition between the terms, remember to taste all of the products (including canned drinks, ice cream, desserts, snacks, etc….) in Japan!


    —————————————————–————–LEGO Creation—————————————————————-



    There was always some “model food” displayed outside the shop to attract the customers.


    The dessert fridges. Japanese really liked to display their cakes, desserts in the transparent fridges.


    The interior design of the shop.




    Thanks again to Vincent san, brought me to this shop.

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