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    Hong Kong, is a fishing village in previous time. It is no longer now and we can only see some little fishing boats in the harbour. I am not very interested to fishing but I really like boat / ship. Using LEGO parts to build boat ship is very challenging, as you know, majority of the LEGO parts are behaved as “square” format. But the boat / ship is a curve-like transportation.

    This boat creation is my second ship-series creation. With the success of the first boat (It could be “trial”, accurately said. It is a boat which half of the ship base has been cut by the sea…… Lazy actually), makes me think about how to build a whole-curve boat.

    Using curves and side-building technique cannot fulfill the wish, but using …….

    ————————————————–LEGO Creation————————————————-

    With referencing some real boat, like the above picture, taken in Copenhagen Nyhavn Canal, makes me more understand about a boat / ship.

    This is the whole boat, just 2

    IMG_0872 IMG_0877 IMG_0879




    The Back.IMG_0885
    The control room, radars of the boat.

    The boat used the modularize technique,which the rooftop of the control room and the deck can be opened easily. The technique is useful especially when you are making transportation because there must be interior like seats, stairs, control room, that you need to put and take out your minifigures for interaction all the times during photographing or playing or displaying.

    You can see the captain is hide inside the control room.IMG_0900 IMG_0901


    In the middle of the boat, there is a container which can store the fishes.
    IMG_0895The deck can be opened too.

    Thanks for watching!

    IMG_0902 IMG_0908

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