• LEGO MOC – Central Mid-level Elevator and Walkway System (long post)

    Hong Kong Island is dominated by steep, hilly terrain, which makes it the home of some rather unusual methods of transport up and down the slopes.
    Since it was officially opened to the public on 15 October 1993, the escalator system has played a very important role in pedestrianising the Western District. It links Queen’s Road Central in Central with Conduit Road in the Mid-Levels, passing through narrow streets. The daily traffic exceeds 55,000 people, although originally forecast 27,000. At Queen’s Road Central, the Central–Mid-Levels escalators system is connected through Central Market to the Central Elevated Walkway, an extensive footbridge network. 

    The escalator system is 800 metres (2,600 ft) long with a vertical climb of 135 metres (443 ft). The total travel time is twenty minutes, but most people walk while the escalator moves to shorten their trip. Due to the geographical situation, the same distance is equivalent to several miles of zigzagging roads if travelling by car. It consists of twenty escalators and three inclined moving walkways. According to Guinness World Records, these escalators together form the longest outdoor covered escalator system. 

    The escalators daily run downhill from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and uphill from 10:30am to midnight. Apart from serving as a method of transporting, the system is also a tourist attraction and has restaurants, bars, and shops lining its route. There is an entrance and exit on each road it passes, often on both sides of the road.
    -From wikipedia :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central%E2%80%93Mid-Levels_escalator_and_walkway_system———————————————————LEGO Creation ————————————————————-


    This was my ACGHK 2014 compeition creation. It got a third runner-up finally and the 2nd most favour by the public. The creation took a long time in taking photos and research. Also this was my first time to create Hong Kong Road Scene, quite a big challenge.Let me introduce what have inside the creation.
    Chinese Medical Shop with doctor and patients
    20140620_180353 20140620_180403 20140620_180423
    This is the real one.
    IMG_6284 IMG_6279
    The building next to the Chinese Medical Shop contains a Sports wear shop, a massage shop.
    20140620_183934 20140620_184036
    IMG_6387 IMG_6382 IMG_6374


    Street food stall, very common in preious Hong Kong time. There are still some left in Central.

    20140620_203647 20140620_203657 IMG_6287 IMG_6288
    The convenience store , 7 -11
    IMG_6466 20140620_184917 IMG_6323
    The former Central Police station also located next to the elevator.
    Although there is a distance from the real scene, I put this building into my creation
    IMG_6482 20140621_184314 IMG_6337 IMG_6335 IMG_6342 IMG_6346
    Of coarse, the main dish, the elevator and walkway!
    The elevator can be moved because I had added some technic gears inside.
    20140621_184731 20140621_184809 20140621_184904 20140621_184245 20140621_184202 IMG_6327 IMG_6420 IMG_6273
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