• LEGO MOC – Xue Long Ice-breaking vessel


    Xue Long is a Chinese icebreaking research vessel, built in Ukarine shipyard in 1993. It was converted to an Arctic cargo ship to a polar research and resupply vessel by China in mid-90’s. It was upgraded in 2007.


    This is the original version of Xue Long Ship.

    More of its operation can be founded following :



    ————————————————-LEGO Creation ———————————————————

    This is my four attempt to build a ship creation. The whole ship length is about 1.5 metres and 30cm depth. The model was being displayed in the ACGHK 2014. Due to the showcase size, it is a bit scaled down to fit into the showcase.


    20140724_16380020140725_102011CHINARE is the name of Chinese National Arctic Research Expedition



    There is a CHINARE own helicopter which is a Kamov KA-25, but with regarding to the display deadline, it has replaced by the helicopter in a LEGO Arctic set 60036.

    830849-ebcdb5ca-74da-11e3-b21a-c1acf4d34253 60036-1


    With also using the minifigures from the Arctic series, they make the ship alive for researching in the Arctic area!
    20140724_163924 20140724_163914 20140724_163930

    However, the modified ship was unfortunately destroyed during the transportation to the LEGO Fan Weekend 2014…… I hope I can spare sometime to repair it again!


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