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    Aeroplane Chess (???), or we call this “Aviation Game” or Flying Chess”, is a Chinese cross-and-circle board game, quite similar o the western game “Ludo” and “Pachisi”.

    The game has contained four starting hangars in each corner (Typically divided to Red, Yellow, Blue and Green), and their own planes (4 planes in a hangar), thats why it calls the aeroplane chess.

    The ultimate objective of the game is, all your planes must fly into the center base on exact roll. Of course, there are more rules you can add and follow :



    The chess in our childhood time is made of wood (the planes) and paper (the board). Time passby, there are different formats…th


    ————————————————————–LEGO Creation—————————————————–

    I have made a “box” for the flying chess, showing the typically four “zone” for playing, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

    IMG_0922 IMG_0923

    There is also an “Aeroplane” on the top of the chess.

    IMG_0925 IMG_0926

    After opening the box, is the plying board of the game. There are a dice, 16 planes and a grey flag in the middle (the center base).

    IMG_0928 IMG_0930


    Each side contain 4 planes. You can also see there are many white round plates surrounding, which the planes are needed to move on top of them during the game. There is also a “Torpedo” tile in each zone (the one in yellow zone placed next to the bottom right yellow plane) , is the starting point of the plane.

    In the beginning, the players need to throw an even dice to get the plane out from the hangar and prepare to “fly” in the withe round-plate pathway.

    The chess is easy to made too!








    The white base, grey flag is the center base of the chess, which the players need to move their planes to this area with the exact roll. The 1×1 tile at the end of each plane can be taken and placed on the flag.IMG_0939

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