• LEGO Train – Japan Railway 281 Series EMU – Haruka – Kansai Airport Express



    281 series is a DC electric multiple unit operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West). The train was introduced in 1994 as the airport express from Kansai International Airport (KIX) and Kyoto.

    It is also called Haruka.

    More information of the train can be founded in other posts in my page :


    ——————————————LEGO Creation———————————-

    Let’s introduce my LEGO Haruka.

    This is a 8-stud wide train which is a 3-car formation. The train can be moved by the 9V motors or Power-Function motors, but since it is a 8-stud train and contains several decorations, the weight fo the whole train is very heavy.

    IMG_0749 - Copy




    First Car  (Front) :

    The car contain several seats and luggage racks which also paint the logo “JR” outside the train.


    Doors can be opened, easily to tear off because of the modularized method.


    The ventilation system is placed on the top of the car.


    Seats for the car are comfortable and quite near the same as the plane (can be adjusted the sitting angle) but a bit wider.IMG_0764


    The connecting head in the front car.IMG_0768

    Middle Car :

    Contains the pantograph.






    Third Car (End) :

    Similar to the front car but without “JR” painting.

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