• Event in 2014 – Bricks Adventure 2014

    Event name : Bricks Adventure 2014

    Organizer : Legend Bricks

    Date : 15/11/2013 – 25/11/2013

    Venue : The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, Hung Hom

    Theme : City, Space, Mosaics, Other MOCs

    Details :

    This year we changed the venue from City University to Polytechnic University as we had support from the Faculty of Business.

    As this was the 5th Anniversary of Bricks Adventure, we did want to celebrate the success of our group and this exhibition series.  So we introduced some new elements like super lucky draw, speed build competition, free play area and the first HK AFOL Dinner.

    For the creations, we had a 4×4 metres space area for the mecha, a Central landmark, Macau landmarks and a long City layout and movable trains.

    This was the most dangerous Bricks Adventure we had since 2010. How dangerous was it ? We had cooperated with the department to get the venue since May 2014. And we had the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong in September the same year. The venue had been used to store the materials for the revolution.

    Although we booked the venue half year before, the room had been occupied by the students / volunteers for the revolution. As the materials stored in the venue was too much, liked several hills and landscapes, they were hard to move out by themselves. The students also urged if they could use the rooms for storing the materials because there were no other rooms they could use.

    Fortunately, under the supports by the department, they moved out all the stuffs at the deadline. Special thanks again to the department again



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