About PrinceWilliam

I was a LEGO fan since 3-4 years old and my first LEGO set was a Duplo cargo truck. Time passby,  I was addicted to the system brick which the first sets were 6676 and 6652. LEGO sets in Hong Kong at that time was a high end expensive toys, I could get a boxset in my birthday only.

6676-1                                         6522-1

Besides that, I had many “cheaper” toys as usual children, like steel-made cars, models, trains… Train, is one of my favourite stuff since my childhood time, don’t know why, just love and addict. There could be one reason why I loved train because of the cartoon showed in the television.

There were two Japanese brands which made train models and they are very famous in Asia until nowadays, Tomix and Kato.

Tomix : http://www.tomytec.co.jp/tomix/index.htm

Kato : http://www.katomodels.com/

Trains were running all the time on the toy floor when I went to a Japanese department store in Hong Kong, named “Sogo”. For that time, a full set of model (including train tracks, locomotives, control panel, power) costed around HKD $2,000 (not cheap in 1980’s). I was only imagined I must have it when I grew up sometime……

Studying stage
1990’s, the displayed had been cut and all the Tomix and Kato were gone…… I couldn’t find those little running trains anymore in Hong Kong 🙁

Inbewteen, the LEGO building was not stopped every summer holidays (I could only play LEGO during summer holidays, 2 months time) but just a relax stuff during boring summer time…..

2000’s, the development of internet was quite mature and every family could have “on-line” even using 52K modem. Visiting homepages, webpages were very common and forum was the major platform to share ideas, exchange communication. Minifigs.net was the first LEGO related forum established in 2003, who the founder loved to collect LEGO minifigures in all extend.

I joined the group in 2007 and started to “re-engage” to LEGO because of 7470 Space Shuttle Discovery STS-31


After graduation, I was more addicted to the LEGO sets which my milestone to make LEGO train was the set 10183 Hobby Train.10183-1

Hobby train was a set that you would have more than 3x locomotive references,  the basic parts of a train like the train base and train wheels (tracks not include unfortunately). I was a really good set for the beginner who love trains or like to build train. Then I was started to create my train life…

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